Legal - Privacy Policy

Updated: May 2018


This privacy policy is in effect for both websites: tarotpugs[dot]com and tarotpugsreadings[dot]com.

The privacy of your information is important to us and here we will inform how your information is used and/or collected for the purpose of providing you services or resources.

Please note that this privacy policy may change from time to time, so please refer again to keep up to date.


Analytical & Statistical Information

We use two different web hosts/servers for our websites. Tarotpugs[dot]com is hosted by Wordpress; tarotpugsreadings[dot]com is hosted by Squarespace.

These web hosting providers offer website analytics for statistical and informational purposes used by TarotPugs.

Through these web servers/hosts, information is collected for analytical purposes, such as: IP address, computer (laptop/mobile/desktop), search requests and results, and geographical location.

This information used by TarotPugs is solely for informational purposes to track use of our websites and sales for analytical purposes and statistics only.

We use Mailchimp for newsletters, which also has analytical and statistic capabilities to track opened emails, etc., to help us know what is working and useful for you as our subscriber.


Third Party Links

Any clicks on links provided on our websites to third party websites are recorded in our analytics/statistics, but any views outside of our websites/pages aren’t monitored, tracked or traced. (Only views on our websites are added in analytics.)


Personal Information

Any personal information collected through tarotpugs[dot]com or tarotpugsreadings[dot]com is information that has been provided by you.

Information may be collected for newsletters and selling of services.

Tarotpugsreadings[dot]com offers tarot readings and downloadable PDF(s) and collects information when you purchase a tarot reading or downloadable PDF. This information is for the legal purpose of providing a transactional sale, which includes: name, address, email address and payment card.

Credit or debit payments made through tarotpugsreadings[dot]com are processed by a third party that collects payment information. Your personal credit card information is never revealed to anyone at TarotPugs and remains confidential with the third party.

Your privacy is important to us and your information will never be sold, traded, exchanged, or provided to another third party at any time unless required by a court order.



Applications Used

At TarotPugs, we provide written tarot readings for purchase. We use Dropbox to store these readings for each client. The retention period for each client that orders a tarot reading is one (1) year.

This is to allow in the event that a client wishes to have a copy of a previous tarot reading. After one (1) year any copies of the tarot reading are deleted and irrevocable.

Each tarot reading PDF for a client contains the first name and email address of the client for identification purposes for the tarot reading. The Dropbox account is a secure private account.

If you wish to have your tarot reading deleted any time before one (1) year after your tarot reading, please contact us to request it to be deleted or if you would like to get another copy before the one (1) year time limit.

Other services that we use are: Mailchimp, WordPress and Squarespace.


Opt-In & Opt-Out

For newsletters, we use Mailchimp in which only email addresses and first names are provided to TarotPugs when signing up.

We do not sell, trade, exchange or give away your name, email address or any other information you provide to us.  Nor will we send you any other communication separate from what TarotPugs offers.

When you sign up for a free PDF offered on tarotpugsreadings[dot]com or tarotpugs[dot]com, you provide consent to sign up on our newsletter.

If you no longer wish to receive communication, newsletters or offers from TarotPugs, tarotpugs[dot]com or tarotpugsreadings[dot]com, you may unsubscribe at any time. Instructions are provided on how to unsubscribe at the bottom of every email communication from TarotPugs.



Measures are taken to provide a safe and secure way for transmitting information on our websites tarotpugsreadings[dot]com and tarotpugs[dot]com through our website hosts.

SSL is used during financial transactions with our third party financial company.

Even though security measures are taken by our web hosting and third party payment company, TarotPugs cannot make any guarantees that all information shared through the internet will remain secure. By using our services and websites, you agree that we are not responsible for any unauthorized, inadvertent disclosure.


Privacy and Children

Our websites tarotpugsreadings[dot]com and tarotpugs[dot]com are intended for 18 years and older. Our services are not meant to be used or sold to anyone under the age of 18. TarotPugs does not knowingly collect information pertaining to or marketing to children under the age of 18 years old.



By using our websites tarotpugs[dot]com and tarotpugsreadings[dot]com, you give consent to this privacy policy.



If you have any questions about this policy or our terms and conditions, please contact us at tarotpugs[@]


Updated: May 2018