Working with the Chakras E-book

Working with the Chakras E-book


Working with the major and higher chakras, how to balance/clear the chakras, divination for chakras and more.

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Learning how to work with the chakras can help heal spiritual and potentially physical ailments caused by energy blockages or imbalances.

Chakras, the energy centres of the body, can be healed and cleared through a variety of techniques, including energy healing and crystals.


In this e-book, Working with the Chakras cover:


  • What the 13 Chakra System is

  • What the 7 major chakras are

  • What the higher chakras are (known as chakras 8 through 12)

  • Tarot cards, essential oils and crystals for the 7 major chakras

  • How to tell when a chakra may be blocked or imbalanced

  • How to access the higher chakras for spiritual and psychic work

  • How to close the chakras after working with the chakras

  • Crystals for higher chakras

  • How to work with the chakras

  • Ways to clear and balance the chakras

  • Divination and the chakras

  • Exploring tarot readings and the chakras

  • Questions for intuitive / oracle / tarot readings


Working with the Chakras e-book also includes:


  • 2 chakra worksheets for tarot or intuitive readings



Total length of e-book: 74 pages (7,811 words)


Format: PDF (Acrobat or PDF reader required)



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