Dark Goddess Tarot Spreads E-Book

Dark Goddess Tarot Spreads E-Book


Add the Dark Goddess to your tarot, witchcraft or spiritual practice with these specially designed tarot spreads.

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This 32-page e-book (PDF) helps you to work with the shadow self, dark moon and the dark goddesses to help understand ourselves better.


The Dark Goddess is transformation and what remains unseen living inside each of us.

Her mysteries are whispered to those who can attune to her voice in the stillness of night and her power has remained a mystery; untamed and bowing down to no one.

The Dark Goddess lives in the shadows and in our shadow self, she lives in the oppressed and those who speak her name.


We can’t understand light without understanding darkness.

Darkness isn’t to be feared.

The Dark Goddess is associated with healing, spirits, the underworld, wisdom, the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, witchcraft, magick and the shadow self. 


What can the Dark Goddess teach you?


The Dark Goddess can teach you to be less fearful, to not be ashamed of flaws or imperfections, to have control and personal power in the face of oppression, adversity and difficulty.

The Dark Goddess can help transform you and help you to understand the problems and difficulties in your life and how to overcome or manage them.

The Dark Goddess can help give us power especially in time when we feel defeated, victimized, betrayed, confused or desperate.

There can’t be light without darkness and darkness doesn’t have to equal evil or negativity.

The power and wisdom of the Dark Goddess can be immensely powerful and transformative and her presence can be felt at times of loss, despair, endings and death.


How can Dark Goddess Tarot Spreads help you?


Take your own personal journey with your tarot cards and the Dark Goddess with 11 specially designed tarot spreads.


These tarot spreads are crafted to help you:

  • learn more about yourself,
  • learn more about your shadow self
  • find healing
  • connect with the energy of the Dark Moon phase; and
  • create your own personal connection with aspects of the Dark Goddess.


The Dark Goddess Tarot Spreads e-book has been crafted to focus on seven (7) dark goddesses:

  • Hekate
  • The Morrigan
  • Cerridwen
  • Baba Yaga
  • Lilith
  • Persephone
  • Kali


The Dark Goddess Tarot Spreads e-book also includes:

  • Information about the Dark Moon, Dark Goddess and Shadow Work
  • a Healing Tarot Spread
  • a Shadow Work Tarot Spread
  • Dark Moon Tarot Spread
  • Dark Goddesses Tarot Spread (includes all 7 dark goddesses from this e-book)


New to Working with the Dark Goddess?


If you’re new to working to the Dark Goddess and use tarot, these tarot spreads can help as an introduction to getting messages and teachings from the Dark Goddess.


Worked with the Dark Goddess before?


If you have worked with the Dark Goddess and continue to do so in your personal practice, these tarot spreads can be added to your collection to help further develop your connection with the Dark Goddess or a particular aspect of the Dark Goddess that you work with.


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