Dark Moon Tarot Reading

Dark Moon Tarot Reading


Tarot reading using the influence and energy of the Dark (Balsamic) Moon and the Crone Goddess.

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This Dark Moon Tarot Reading looks at this aspect of the dark moon and how it applies to yourself at the present time and moon cycle. 

The time frame of the reading centres around the upcoming dark moon / new moon phase or the phase closest to the time of the reading performed.

No question/topic is needed or required for this reading. 

The Dark Moon Tarot Reading seeks to ask and answer the following:

1. What will end and be put to remission or rest at the dark moon?
2. What will re-emerge at the new moon?
3. What your shadow self wants you to be aware of and acknowledge.
4. What you need to bring to the surface and face.
5. What you need to release and let go at the new moon in order to start anew.
6. What you need to resolve.
7. What you need to heal.
8. How the energy of the dark moon can help you.
9. What the aspect of the Crone/dark goddess archetype can teach you.
10. What transformation you are undergoing currently or will undergo.

To assist with this reading, spirit guides are contacted to help provide the insight, guidance and answers needed at this time.

What's required:

- First name
- Email address

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What you’ll receive:

- 5 to 11-page PDF written interpretation of the tarot spread with .JPG image of the cards in the spread.

 - PDF and JPG are sent by email via Dropbox links.


When you'll receive:

All readings are completed and emailed within 7 business days; general turnaround time is on average quicker between Thursdays and Saturdays (1 to 3 days).

Average turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days.


Get a tarot reading & help pugs!

$5 from every tarot reading is donated to Under My Wing Pug Rescue (UMWPR) located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Under My Wing Pug Rescue helps to rescue, foster and find new forever homes for surrendered and abandoned pugs in the Ottawa-Gatineau / Eastern Ontario region and provide medical treatment, rehabilitation, food, toys and care for surrendered, abandoned and fostered pugs.

Purchasing tarot readings from TarotPugs support Under Wing Pug Rescue in their work to care for and help pugs in need.



Tarot readings are considered for "entertainment purposes" only. Not intended for not should be used in replacement of professional legal, financial, or medical advice or counsel. No guarantees can be made for the outcome or results of any reading. TarotPugs and/or its Reader cannot be held liable for outcome or actions taken as a result of a tarot reading. All tarot readings subject to free will. No refunds available after purchase and/or delivery of tarot reading.