One Question Tarot Reading

One Question Tarot Reading


Have a question you want or need answered? Let your spirit guides and tarot help you!

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Have a question that you want or need an answer from your spirit guides?

Get the answers and clarity you need with a direct tarot reading to answer your question.

This One Question Tarot Reading is perfect for asking any question or if you’re not sure if other tarot readings fit your needs.

Questions you can ask your spirit guides about:

  • relationships

  • love

  • career

  • work

  • money

  • business

  • school

  • education

  • choices

  • spirituality, etc.

Three (3) tarot cards are drawn to answer your question.

This tarot reading is also a psychic reading; any information received in addition to the card interpretations will also be included in your reading.


To request your One Question Tarot Reading:

What’s Needed:

- First Name

- Email Address

- Your Question


Upon purchasing the reading, a short questionnaire will appear to enter details.


What You’ll Receive:

- A 2 to 4-page PDF with interpretation of the cards in the reading and any additional psychic information.

- A .JPG image of the cards from the tarot reading.

- All readings are sent by email with a Dropbox link for easy access and to download.


When You’ll Receive:

- Average turnaround time is 3 - 5 business days.

Readings may at times be completed and sent by email within 7 business days from date of purchase.

- Fastest turnaround is between Thursday and Saturday.

Get a tarot reading a help our local rescued pugs!

$5 from every tarot reading is donated to Under My Wing Pug Rescue (UMWPR) located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Under My Wing Pug Rescue helps to rescue, rehabilitate, care for and find new loving homes to pugs in need in the Eastern Ontario regions, including Gatineau, Quebec.

Our donations to UMWPR from tarot readings helps support their efforts with medical costs, food and travel expenses to help continue their mission to help rescue pugs.


Disclaimer/Legal Stuff:

All tarot readings provided herein are considered for “entertainment purposes only.” Not intended for or to replace legal, financial or medical advice or counsel. All outcomes of tarot readings are subject to free will and cannot be guaranteed. Intended for 18+.