One Question Tarot Reading

One Question Tarot Reading


Have a question you want or need answered? Let your spirit guides and tarot help you!

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Have a question that you want or need an answer from your spirit guides?

Ask your spirit guides about relationships, love, career, work, business, school, education, choices, spirituality or more.

This tarot reading uses four (4) cards to answer your question.

Three (3) cards are drawn to answer your question and the fourth (4th) card is drawn to clarify the answer or for any additional information.

This tarot reading is also a psychic reading; any information received in addition to the card interpretations will also be included in your reading.


For guidelines and exceptions to accepted questions, please see Terms.

Please note: Third party questions (i.e. questions not focused on yourself) aren’t accepted, but questions can be worked/rephrased to help get the most out of your reading. We can work together to rephrase your question if needed.


What’s Needed for this Tarot Reading:

- First Name

- Email Address

- Your Question


Upon purchasing the reading, a short questionnaire will appear to enter details.


What You’ll Receive:

- A 1 to 2-page PDF with interpretation of the cards in the reading and any additional psychic information.

- A .JPG image of the cards from the tarot reading.

- All readings are sent by email with a Dropbox link for easy access and to download.


When You’ll Receive:

- All readings are completed and sent within 7 business from date of purchase/receipt.


Disclaimer/Legal Stuff:

All tarot readings provided herein are considered for “entertainment purposes only.” Not intended for or to replace legal, financial or medical advice or counsel. All outcomes of tarot readings are subject to free will and cannot be guaranteed. Intended for 18+.