Past-Life Healing Tarot Reading

Past-Life Healing Tarot Reading


Heal issues and let go of pain and problems from a past life iwith a Past Life Healing Tarot Reading.

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Do you have unexplained anxiety, fear or emotional pain that doesn't seem connected to your current life or recent past?

Do you feel these may come from a past life experience or karma?


In the Past-Life Healing Tarot Reading, we’ll explore who you were and what kind of life you may have lived.

This information will come from your Akashic Records with the assistance of your spirit guides.

Yet, the main focus of the tarot reading will be about what to release so that you can find healing and put the past life behind you.


This tarot reading isn’t a guarantee or promise of instant healing.

The Past-Life Healing Tarot Reading is the beginning of work that may need to be done.

This tarot reading can help begin to heal past-life issues which may encourage you to do more self-healing through journaling, meditation and becoming consciously aware of the source of your fears, anxieties, emotional pain that may come from a past life.


The Past-Life Healing Tarot Reading isn't intended to answer specific questions about past lives.

However, if you have specific questions about a past life or a potential issue you believe is related to a past-life and want to explore, we can have a look at that with another tarot reading such as the Celtic Cross Tarot Reading.


The Past-Life Healing Tarot reading uses the cards to find out:

  1. What issue(s) or pain remains from a past life that may be affecting me in my present life?
  2. How can I finally let go and heal from these issues or the pain from this past life?
  3. How will letting go and healing these issues impact or improve my life?
  4. Final message from your spirit guides


Required for the Reading:

  • First Name
  • Email Address

A form will pop up to fill in these details after you choose to purchase this reading.


You’ll Receive:

  • A 7 to 10-page PDF including interpretation of the tarot cards from the reading and psychic information from the Akashic Records and your spirit guides
  • A .JPG image of the tarot cards from the reading
  • PDF and JPG sent by email through Dropbox link to view and download.


When To Expect:

All readings are completed and emailed within 7 business days; general turnaround time is on average quicker between Thursdays and Saturdays (1 to 3 days).

Average turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days.


Get a tarot reading & help pugs!

$5 from every tarot reading is donated to Under My Wing Pug Rescue (UMWPR) located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Under My Wing Pug Rescue helps to rescue, foster and find new forever homes for surrendered and abandoned pugs in the Ottawa-Gatineau / Eastern Ontario region and provide medical treatment, rehabilitation, food, toys and care for surrendered, abandoned and fostered pugs.

Purchasing tarot readings from TarotPugs support Under Wing Pug Rescue in their work to care for and help pugs in need.



Tarot readings are considered for "entertainment purposes" only. Not intended for not should be used in replacement of professional legal, financial, or medical advice or counsel. No guarantees can be made for the outcome or results of any reading. TarotPugs and/or its Reader cannot be held liable for outcome or actions taken as a result of a tarot reading. All tarot readings subject to free will. No refunds available after purchase and/or delivery of tarot reading.