Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading

Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading


Find out what to work on, focus and release during Pluto retrograde in this Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading.

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Pluto Retrograde 2019: April 24 to October 3 2019

This Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading is available until September 1, 2019.


“You dwell below the earth,
O strong-spirited one,
a meadow in Tartaros,
thick-shaded and dark.
Sceptered Chthonic Zeus,
please accept this sacrifice,
O Plouton,
holder of the keys to the whole earth.”

* “To Plouton” - excerpt from The Orphic Hymns: Translation, Introduction, and Notes by: Apostolos N. Athanassakis and Benjamin M. Wolkow



In astrology, Pluto named after the Greek god of the Underworld is the planet of destruction, control, transformation, renewal and rebirth.


Pluto retrograde doesn’t often personally affect individuals as much as the personal planets when they retrograde (i.e. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), but Pluto can have a transformational effect if his energy is used properly.


The planet Pluto may be small, but he carries a powerful punch when it comes to knocking down walls, bursting doors wide open and taking you to the depths of your shadows and the underworld of the psyche.


Pluto is associated with the Judgement card and Scorpio is associated with the Death card – these two cards provide clues to the nature of Pluto and his ruling sign, Scorpio.


Pluto retrograde can give us the opportunity to review, revisit, re-analyze:

  • what we need to let go of

  • what we need to dismantle

  • what we need to destroy; and

  • how we can release control


By reviewing these things, we can allow ourselves to grow physically and spiritually – even if it becomes a painful process.


The Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading examines with the help of Pluto what you need to be aware of during this current or upcoming Pluto retrograde.



In the Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading, we’ll explore:


1. What you should focus on during the retrograde

2. What you need to work on in terms of shadow work

3. What you need to release control of

4. What will be transformed and renewed by the time the retrograde is over

5. What you will have to say goodbye to by the end of the retrograde

6. A final message from Pluto



The Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading can help to begin transformations, shadow work and initiate change and use the energy of the retrograde to review, reassess and revisit the themes of Pluto.



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