Saturn Retrograde Tarot Reading

Saturn Retrograde Tarot Reading


Find out how to make the most of Saturn retrograde in this Saturn Retrograde Tarot Reading.

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Saturn Retrograde 2019: April 29 to September 18 2019

 This Saturn Retrograde Tarot Reading is available until August 18 2019.


In astrology, Saturn named after the Roman god is the planet of limitation, restriction and responsibility.

Saturn rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra – in tarot, Saturn is associated with the World card.

In Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of agriculture, civilizations, social order and conformity; he brings structure to our lives, rewards us for hard work and teaches us life lessons.

In Greek mythology, Saturn is equated to the god Cronus (Kronos), who would devour his children so none could overthrow him:


In you there is
birth and
O revered and
prudent lord
of Rhea,
you are the progenitor,
you dwell
in every part of the world.

* “To Kronos”-  excerpt from The Orphic Hymns: Translation, Introduction, and Notes by: Apostolos N. Athanassakis and Benjamin M. Wolkow



When Saturn is retrograde, we’re often painfully reminded to go over past lessons until we finally understand them; we have an opportunity to get things right at last.

If practice makes perfect, Saturn is the teacher that makes us practice, practice, practice until we have the lesson and teachings imprinted in our minds and memory.


This Saturn Retrograde Tarot Reading looks at the following points in the reading:


1. The main theme / energy you’ll experience during this Saturn retrograde

2. A major lesson you need to learn that will help you in the future

3. What you need to keep in mind during this retrograde (to avoid punishment, consequences or costly mistakes, etc.)

3. What you must re-do / do over / revisit (a second chance or opportunity) that you may have felt you were done with

4. What your reward will be (if you’re diligent and thorough during this Saturn retrograde)

5. A final message from Saturn


Make the most of Saturn retrograde to work with the Saturn’s energy to push you to strive for the best you can be and come out of Saturn retrograde with flying colours.


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