Shadow Work Tarot Reading

Shadow Work Tarot Reading


Discover about your shadow self and heal with this Shadow Work Tarot Reading.

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The shadow self is described as the “darker” side to each person’s personality or “self.”

Contained within each shadow self are emotions, feelings, memories and experiences that may have been repressed, wounded, ignored, invalidated and have remained unhealed.

These aspects of our shadow self can emerge when triggered and can create difficulties for ourselves with habits and patterns that repeat themselves again and again.

Shadow Work is the term when someone works to face their shadow self and to work on issues and problems that reside in the shadow self.

The purpose of shadow work is to recognize what may be problematic and/or what may need attention within the shadow self in order to bring closure and healing.


This Shadow Work Tarot Reading looks at one of the shadow aspects that may need attention the most at the present time and focuses on how to release/let go and work to bring healing.


The Shadow Work Tarot Reading explores:


1.  What aspect of the shadow self needs the most attention at this time?

2.  What needs to be released and let go of in order to heal?

3.  What kind of work needs to be done in order to heal?

4.  What will happen if this work is started and continued?

5. Additional advice from your Spirit Guide(s) to help with your shadow work.


This is a general reading with set questions, so additional questions are needed.



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What You’ll Receive:

4 to 7-page PDF written interpretation of the tarot spread with .JPG image of the cards in the spread sent by email via Dropbox link.


When You’ll Receive:

Within 7 business days from receipt of payment.



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