Tarot Reading for Dogs

Tarot Reading for Dogs


Get a tarot reading for your dog and understand what your dog is thinking or going through!

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Did you know that dogs can get tarot readings too?

Although dogs’ minds are not as complex in thinking and emotions as humans, they do think and feel, and most certainly know what they want and don’t want.


  • Do you want to know what makes your dog upset at the sound of airplanes?

  • Why he barks excessively at nothing?

  • Why he’s anxious or chews up all your belongings?

  • Do you want to know how to make your dog happier?

  • To know if all her needs are fulfilled or what she may need?

  • How to strengthen your bond with your dog?

  • Maybe why your dog hates the cat but loves the dirty laundry pile?

Tarot Reading for Dogs


This tarot reading for dogs has a tarot spread designed to answer a question as follows:


- analyzes your dog’s inner/true self and the affect her nature has on your situation / problem.

- explores the physical environment that your dog is in and how this influences your situation / problem.

- discovers what your dog is feeling, what he hopes for and fears about the situation / problem and how your dog views your role in the situation / problem.

- uncover what you or your dog is expecting out of the situation / problem.

 - finds what the possible outcome will be for you and your dog and what will have the most influence on the situation or problem.

Plus an oracle card from The Original Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman as a bonus card to add to the tarot reading.


Important – Please Read:


This tarot reading is only for one dog per reading.

If you have more than one dog and would like a reading for each dog, a separate reading will need to be purchased for each dog.

This will ensure that the proper attention and interpretation is directed for each dog and his/her needs.

Please note: Veterinary health / medical questions requiring veterinarian recommendation / comment / advice / suggestion will not be accepted and will be refunded. No exceptions.



What’s needed:


  • Your first name

  • Your e-mail address

  • Your dog’s name

  • Your dog’s age and sex (male or female)

  • Your question for the tarot reading



What you’ll receive:


  • 4 to 5-page PDF interpretation of the tarot reading

  • JPG image of the cards from the tarot reading

  • PDF and JPG sent by e-mail through Dropbox links.



When you'll receive:


  • Within 7 business days from receipt of purchase.

  • Turnaround times are quicker over weekends (Friday evenings to Monday evenings) between 2-4 days.

  • Most readings are completed within the upcoming weekend after purchase if during the middle of the week or during the weekend if purchased on a weekend.



Get a tarot reading & help rescued pugs!


$5 from every tarot reading is donated to Under My Wing Pug Rescue (UMWPR) located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Under My Wing Pug Rescue helps to rescue, foster and find new forever homes for surrendered and abandoned pugs in the Ottawa-Gatineau / Eastern Ontario region and provide medical treatment, rehabilitation, food, toys and care for surrendered, abandoned and fostered pugs.


Purchasing tarot readings from TarotPugs support Under Wing Pug Rescue in their work to care for and help pugs in need.




Important Disclaimer – Must Read:


Tarot readings are considered for "entertainment purposes" only.

The Tarot Reading for Dogs is not intended and is not designed to replace or be in lieu of veterinarian advice/treatment or professional dog training/therapy.

It is always strongly advised to seek professional veterinary advice and guidance to ensure the health and safety of your dog(s)/pet(s) if you have any concerns or worries.

No guarantees can be made for the outcome or results of any tarot reading.

TarotPugs and/or its Reader cannot be held liable for outcome or actions taken as a result of a tarot reading. All tarot readings subject to free will.

No refunds available after purchase and/or delivery of tarot reading unless a question is deemed unacceptable at the discretion of TarotPugs and its Reader. TarotPugs reserves the right to refuse service if a question proposed for a tarot reading is considered inappropriate or unacceptable according to the ethics and terms of service of TarotPugs.