The Dogs & Tarot Workbook

The Dogs & Tarot Workbook


If you love dogs and tarot, this workbook is for you to help improve your connection with your dog.

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If you want to combine your love of tarot and your dog(s), the Dogs & Tarot Workbook is for you.

If you have a dog, why not use tarot to understand your dog and improve your partnership/relationship with your dog?

Are you looking to get a dog or add a new dog to your family that already has a dog or other pets and want to know how that dog will fit in?


The Dogs & Tarot Workbook asks questions about your dog and yourself to understand what your dog needs, how to meet those needs and better your physical and spiritual connection with your dog.


This workbook asks the serious questions that dog owners are familiar with to help understand your dog’s behaviours through the help of tarot.

The questions in this workbook can be used for meditation and journaling or together with proper dog training with a professional to help find your dog’s specific needs.


If you want to combine your love of tarot with the love of your dog, this printable workbook can merge these two loves into a harmonious working.

This workbook can be completed with any tarot deck and/or the Original Dog Tarot deck by Heidi Schulman to help delve deeper into your relationship with your dog and analyze your dog’s thinking and behaviours, what they like and what they’re afraid of.



What’s included in The Dogs & Tarot Workbook:


  • How to read tarot for your dog using a standard 78-card tarot deck

  • Questions to ask yourself about your dog for tarot readings, meditation or journaling

  • Questions to ask about your dog for tarot readings, meditation or journaling

  • Printable customized tarot spread for dog tarot readings

  • A tarot spread for adopting a new dog

  • A tarot spread for adding a new dog to your family’s current “pack” with one or more dogs


Workbook Length: 50 pages (4,417 words)

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat of PDF Reader required)


A Special Note about The Dogs & Tarot Workbook:

The Dogs & Tarot Workbook is not designed nor intended to replace professional dog training, dog behaviourist assistance or to diagnose/treat medical, health or behavioural problems which could become potentially dangerous or hazardous.

This workbook is designed for spiritual communication and improving the overall relationship and connection with your dog.

If you have any concerns about your dog’s health or behaviour that you haven’t been able to successfully manage on your own, it’s strongly advised to consult a professional veterinarian or dog training professional in your area.


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