Your Guide to Spirit Guides E-Book

Your Guide to Spirit Guides E-Book


Your guidebook to connecting and working with your spirit guides.

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Want to work with your spirit guides to help achieve your life goals?

Get better and more accurate psychic, divination or tarot readings?

Want to find out what your “Master Plan” is for this incarnation - what your life purpose and life plan is?

Your spirit guides can help you with these questions, goals and plans.


Learn who your spirit guides are, how to get their guidance and how to call on your spirit guides to get the answers you need.


We’re never alone and our spirit guides are there from the beginning to help us every step of the way.

We just have to tune into them, ask and listen for their guidance.


If you want to get daily advice, guidance and direction in your life, learn how to work with your spirit guides anytime and anyplace.


In “Your Guide to Spirit Guides” E-Book, it will show you:


  • What the six (6) main spirit guides are and what they do

  • How to work with each of these six (6) main spirit guides

  • What specialist or temporary spirit guides are

  • Why a spirit guide may leave your spirit team and what it means

  • What animal, starseed and human spirit guides are

  • What the ten (10) main star systems starseed spirit guides come from

  • How to work with animal spirit guides

  • What a BFF (Best Friend Forever) spirit guide is and how to know who your BFF spirit guide is

  • How to access your spirit guides through psychic abilities and the 12 chakras

  • How your spirit guides can help you access the Akashic Records

  • How to meet your spirit guides in the astral realm or your astral temple

  • Crystals to help communicate and work with your spirit guides

  • How to work with spirit guides in divination and/or tarot

  • How to work with other people’s spirit guides


Also included are:


  • Questions for each of your six (6) main spirit guides (that can be used for meditation or divination readings)

  • A worksheet for goal setting with your spirit guide

  • A spirit guide tarot spread



If you want to get to connect more easily with your spirit guides, this guidebook can be your detailed introduction to work closely with your guides.

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Total Pages: 101 pages
Total word count: 16,107 words
Digital format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat or PDF reader required)


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