By purchasing a tarot reading service from TarotPugs, you are confirming that you are 18 years or older.

Topics/Questions that, unfortunately, won't be accepted:

  • health / illness / medical advice (specific questions may better suited for your medical practitioner) - if health is an important question for you, this may be taken under careful consideration with the caution that any intuitive advice is not to be in place or lieu of professional advice and is more for spiritual guidance. 
  • lottery numbers / predictions
  • legal advice (better suited for a lawyer)
  • financial/investment advice (better suited for financial advisor)
  • pregnancy (better suited for a doctor)
  • death predictions (well, obvious reasons, just sayin')
  • Third party readings - my readings are solely intended for the querent, i.e. I will only accept/answer questions that are centred around the paying querent/client and not people who are unaware and/or not present for the reading.

If the question submitted for the purchased reading doesn't comply with these terms, TarotPugs and its reader will contact you by the email address provided at checkout and will gladly work with you to find a suitable question for the reading.

If a suitable question or topic cannot be agreed upon, TarotPugs and its reader reserve the right to refund the full amount of the reading back to the original method of payment.

All names, e-mail addresses and questions are held in confidentiality.

All outcomes of any readings are subject to free-will.

The outcome of a reading is like a snap-shot of the situation at the time of the reading and outside forces can have an effect on the conditions and situation or question. 

TarotPugs and its reader can't make any guarantees about any of the outcomes in my readings provided, as there can be many factors at any given time.

If you feel the outcome of the reading to be unfavourable, please remember that you're still in control of many factors and can look into how you can alter things to be in your favour.

Tarot is like a road map that can guide us or like the stars that guide us to navigate at night. If we are prepared for what lies ahead, we can make adjustments and arrangement to improve our lives and situations.

There may be fate involved, but destiny is how we get there. Destiny is what we can choose and alter to help us get to where we're meant to be. Tarot can help to guide the way.


Note about Purchases:

Tarot readings purchased are non-refundable after a reading has been delivered by e-mail.

Cancellations can be accepted within 24 hours from time of purchase. Please notify me by the contact form on the Contact page to cancel if necessary or to make changes to your request. Cancellations can not be accepted once the reading has been delivered by email.



Tarot readings from TarotPugs are sold for entertainment purposes only and should not be used to replace or advise legal, medical, financial or professional advice or counsel. TarotPugs and its reader cannot be held liable for possible outcomes or decisions stemming from readings. Outcomes are subject to free will and personal choices.


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